Dr. Mª del Mar Puyol Bosch

Mar Puyol Bosch
+34 93 581 8296

Mar Puyol obtained her BSc degree in Chemistry in 1996 from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She obtained her MSc degree in Analytical Chemistry from the same University in 1998, and she completed her PhD in Analytical Chemistry about Integrated Waveguide Absorbance Optochemical Sensors based on the silicon technology in 2002. She was employed in the Applied Physics Department of the Universidad de Zaragoza until 2006 as a researcher. She is currently Lecturer in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her research interests include the study and characterization of new chromo(fluoro)ionophores and its integration as recognition elements in miniaturized optochemical sensors. She is also working on the development of microsystems for chemical analysis (μTAS) based on LTCC, polymer and IC technologies and on the design and fabrication of microfluidic platforms for the synthesis of nanomaterials and for the development of (bio)chemical miniaturized analysers based on the use of nanostructured materials.

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